PureWeld, Brazed, Spot & Pin Seams


Pure Weld

The Johnston Dandy corporate family has a new solution to end seam failure, our PureWeldTM process can extend Dandy Seam 3 to 5 times over tradition brazed seams. Yes, we still produce brazed seams using gold/nickel or silver/copper compounds, and we will continue to do so. But, think about changes in your mills' chemistry. Closed systems, and harsher "whitening" additives in recycling loops, increase unwanted chemical attacks on brazed metals.
wire_pure A PureWeldTM seam keeps the properties of the stainless wire cloth giving you an 'invisible' seam. Please call us for further information on how we can save you lost dollars due to downtime.

weld_bottom weld_bottom

Johnston Dandy PureWeldTM .... can you find the seam?